Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rusty, Rusty, When Will You Learn?

Remember Lawyer Rusty?  Accused of murder?  Guilty of canoodling with the Boy with Breasts?

Well, we're back to him this week.  In Scott Turow's Innocent, the sequel to Presumed Innocent, Rusty is now sixty years old.  He's a respected judge in Kindle County.  He wakes up one day to find that his wife has died beside him.

He sits with her for 24 hours, absorbing this event, before he calls any authorities.

And somebody in the prosecutor's office thinks that is . . . odd.

Meanwhile, Rusty has ensnared himself in another affair, which heightens the suspicion around him.  And this affair leads to a tangled web of human relationships where, unlike the first Turow book, all the parties are actually warm and real and likeable.  Oh, except for that prosecutor, who is just sure something ain't right here.

I really would like the hungry cats and the church meetings and stack of unpaid bills to go away right now so I can curl up with Rusty's story.  What will happen when all the people in this tangled web find out about each other?  I am torn with suspense. 

As soon as things quiet down tonight, I'll be right back in Turow's book, possibly munching one of these  Mississippi Mud Cookies as I follow Rusty's troubles from page to page:

NOTE: These were extra soft cookies.  It worked best to keep them on the cookie sheet for 10-15 minutes after baking before removing them.   Also, the published recipe called for parchment paper-lined baking sheets. Is this a new rule in baking?   I'll have to study up. 

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