Sunday, April 8, 2012

White People Like Eating Outdoors

I'm in the mood for a picnic these days. After all, the sun is shining. The tulips are out.

Never mind that those tulips are shivering in the brisk wind out there. From my kitchen window, it certainly looks like a great day for eating under a tree. This illusion is probably what spurred me to add  Grilled Sub Sandwich to the menu. I hope to try it again when the tulips stop shivering.

As for the Finished Book Pile, today we have Stuff White People Like: The Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions by Christian Lander. Lander skewers a certain kind of white people: hipsters. I read through his book, laughing with an air of superiority because I'm not into free-trade coffee or pretending to be Canadian or Being the Only White Person Around or Having Two Last Names. But white people are also into eating outdoors (see above) so, oops!, I guess I'm busted, not to mention that I like gentrification and Netflix and Manhattan and scarves. Still, I'm pretty much a failure as a white person/hipster. But that made Lander's book all the more fun.


  1. Funny. Tried to find it in my library. No go. Darn.

  2. Did Emma tell me that the author has a blog?