Sunday, June 2, 2013

We Didn't Know It Was a Contest

Must rave to you about today's dessert:

I've made this kind of thing before.  I made it in different flavors--chocolate, lemon, strawberry/vanilla, even butterscotch. With some kind of crust, a cream cheese layer, a pudding layer and a Cool Whip layer, they're all the pretty much the same idea.

But this one wins the prize.  Actually, none of these desserts knew they were in a contest against each other.   But too bad, this one still gets the crown and the bouquet. 

I think it's the crust that puts it over the top.  It hit my chocolate receptors so hard that I didn't need any chocolate again for at least another hour.   

Meanwhile, I'm making progress on Claire Messud's When the World Was Steady.  We've reviewed Messud here before.  She can be a little hit or miss.  This one looks good so far.  

Two British sisters hit middle age, hard.  One attempts to salve the wounds of her divorce by climbing a difficult mountain in Bali, and she's no athlete.  The other, a spinster, worries that the young smarty-pants in her office is edging her out of a job.   

At least, that's the action so far.  I'll let you know how it goes. 


  1. Refrigerate leftovers? What leftovers? I believe this can only be improved by one more thing--a layer of potato chips in there somewhere. Reminds me I've been wanting to try Ben & Jerry Kitchen Sink ice cream, which features potato chips. (Jana)

  2. Potato chips? Why not Cheetos?

  3. "hit my chocolate receptors" ah hahaha...lovin' that phrase!
    And drooling over the thought..

  4. Y-U-M...just by reading the recipe, I can tell it's yummy. May NEED to try this in the near future. :)